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    Default Crazy idea, fiber optics + Bel STi

    For some of us where RD are illegal and have their Bel STi units concealed we lose our laser detection completely. I'm trying to figure out a solution for laser detection without having to spend big $$ on a jammer. My setup should buy me some time to react to a laser threat as I drive a dark colored sports car + pop up headlights tucked away + veil.

    On ebay they sell $60 laser detectors but I've read on here they are garbage and only work if the laser beam is pointed directly at it. So that's out.

    The bel STi has four laser led detectors and I thought of perhaps desoldering one or two leds and extend the leads, but this would void my warranty and I'm unsure if this would still work with long wires.

    Fiber optic cable allows light to be redirected without any losses so my crazy idea is what if I installed fiber optic to redirect the laser light to my hidden Bel STi? Any comments?

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    I know you don't want to spend the money,but you could always try and get your hands on a Bel LP905 or ZR3 for cheap.

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    I want you to do the fiber optic thing, and tell us if it works.

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    You idea is good .

    Be aware that you need to use a special fiber , called low ''OH'' , a regular optic fiber will be too lossy for your use .

    This kind is very expensive , it can be found used in the medical field.

    But in the end ... you are better off with a jammmheir. 8)

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    Ah yes, if only all were so simple. If that was an easy fix don't you think that some detector manufacturer would offer it as a high priced option?

    The photodetector DIODES that are commonly used for this purpose require a reverse DC voltage in order to operate. You won't be able to get that bias V down a fibre optic cable.
    Also the Diodes convert photonic energy directly into current, rendering the fibre optic cable useless as it isn't "light" that comes out of the photodetectors.
    :roll: :roll:

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    I wasn't aware some fiber optic cables has losses.

    insidercw3: I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say with the fiber optics. I don't want to extend the existing diodes, so voltage shouldn't be an issue. I only want to redirect laser light via fiber optics cable to my unmolested bel sti unit so it could detect laser.

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    This is the way visible light travel in a optic fiber .

    Depending the core material used versus the wavelenght , infrared is absorbed too much in a ''regular'' fiber , the one found for sound system/computer link .

    The transmission of light in an optical fiber depends on the principle of total internal reflection (TIR). When light traveling inside a fiber strikes the surface at an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle, the light is reflected back toward the center of the fiber with negligible loss. Thus, light can be transmitted over long distances by being reflected thousands of times, as long as the loss per reflection is extremely low.
    For more reading :

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    Thanks Eloi for the comments and the links. I was hoping to use the cheap regular fiber, but it appears that won't do.

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    Black , you could modify this idea = use a plexiglass hook found of display/any tranparent plexi , then bend it the way you need with a hot gun

    ...plexiglass is a good transmitter of 904 nm infrared

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    Yeah I was going to say that is what is used in most detectors that have "360 degree" protection on laser, the little bubble on top, or the lenses on the front usually run to another diode receiver in the rear of the unit via plexi or clear plastic "tunnels". They can be used outside as well, just run a couple wherever you need them so they are exposed somewhere and viola!



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