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    Hi All,

    I used to mount my 995 low on the windshield, barely above the wipers. I have since moved it up, to about 1.5 inches below my RVM, and immedicately below my toll tag. It is at my eye level.

    At the new location, I am experiencing better range, as I pick up my work's YOU SPEED IS K band sign from an addtional 150 feet away.

    At the new location, the detector's nose is pointing about 10 degrees down, as measured against a leveler, when my car car is parked in the garage. I have left it alone so far, reasoning that 1) it would be good for picking up laser aimed low at my front plate; 2) It would be good for picking up radar bouncing off the road surface. 3) As the bracket age and sag, it would tend to return to level.

    Are my reasons sound or should I obsess with the leveling?

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    Just level it. It's gonna bother you if you don't.

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    Ive noticed better range too as I have just mounted mine high to, use to be low just above wipers. I think its a little better laser. Down low helps for you getting targeted but who cares about that. The mount up high you have a better chances of getting some stray light from car being targeted in front of you, where a laser alert might be more benificial.



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