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Thread: Bel STi Remote

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    Default Bel STi Remote

    I see this for sale on an Australian website but no mention of it on the Bel website. Seems strange.

    The website is <dealer link removed>

    Anyone own one of these and, if so, where did you buy it. Thanks.

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    Default Beltronics STi-R

    Beltronics STi-R is not intended for sale on USA market,that's why STi-R isn't listed on official Beltronics website.I also don't belive that GOL will test this unit in the next RD test.Try other non-USA,radar-detector forums to see Beltronics STi-R tests/reviews
    BTW,Please remove the link.It is AGAINST the rules to post direct links to dealers websites.

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    The website should be allowed to stay. No one that sponsors this site can sell them, correct? I mean, this product isn't even avail in the USA.

    If you are looking to buy a STI remote....thats what you are looking for, kind of like a V1

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    From what i understand,you can buy a STI-R,you would just have to buy the Australian version for it to work in the U.S.Go to the Beltronics site,and they have their Australian distributer on there.



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