After owning it for 11 years (and loving it the entire time), I dropped my old trusty 850STi on the cement, and it quit working. I've since replaced it with a 955 (about time I upgraded!), but I do miss it. Just a few minutes ago, I decided to take it apart and see what I could find. While I didn't find anything obvious (and lost a little metal part in the process!), I put it back together and went out to the car. It works again! It seems the power connector is just a little loose. I'll use the 955 primarily, but it's nice to have a 2nd detector in case we need it. I've been using a Uniden rd I picked up at a garage sale for $5, but I can't say I've liked it at all. Besides, I am used to the Bel alerts and had no idea what the Uniden alerts were.