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    Default V1 to STi (or Belscort) installation questions

    EDIT: Anyone know the pin-out for the STi modular phone socket?

    I've just ordered a new STi from Roy. I will use it in several different vehicles that have already been hardwired for a V1 (using mostly 6P4C modular phone cords/plugs, but one has 6P6C). These installations are set up for use with the Valentine concealed display and remote audio adapters. The audio goes into a mixer and Bluetooth headset in one car (a roadster). I understand that there is no concealed display (yet?) for the STi, but I wonder what my options are for using my existing wiring and possibly the V1 remote audio adapter. If not for audio, could the remote audio adapter's on/off switch still be used to switch the STi on/off? Anyone have any experiences with this? Is there anything to watch out for as far as 12V/Gnd positions in the modular phone connectors that might damage anything? If available, a pin-out for the STi 6P?C plug would be greatly appreciated (or for other Belscort models if the same).

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    I have my STi hooked up using my V1 hardwire kit with no issues.



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