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    Default rx65 pro firmware

    hey all,
    well it sucks but out of the blue i am seeing self cal and service required message on my rd. i hate to send it to beltronics for i got quite pissed with them. i bought my rd form a vendor and was supposed to have 1 year warranty. i called in and bought additional 3 year and now they tell me that this vendor is not on their list and i am to go fly a kite!
    i was also greatly dissapointed with the range of this rd. it wa random but mos tof the time i would get a half mile warning on the stright stretch of road - basically i could see them before my rd went of! ha!
    ironically the service required message started to appear just exactly a year after first use! it does smell fishy!
    anyone knows if there is a frimware i can donwload and load on this unit to see if it helps before trashing it?
    thnx a lot!

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    Sounds like you got a refurbished unit from a non-authorized dealer. Chuck that thing and get a new one direct from Beltronics or

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    Chuck it and get a v1. Put it on Ebay and get some V1 money! 8)



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