After owning and using my STi for 2 days, I'm disappointed that I haven't had a single real LEO alert, but I have noticed the following:
The STi is almost too quiet with POP off (default) and X off (non-default). Tech display is cool I guess I did not get the newer speaker in my 3407 rev Speaker volume is way too low -- even at max volume with the windows closed and the radios off, I can hardly hear the voice telling me whether it's a K-band (door opener) or a Ka band POP (from a passing cheap detector). That second one makes me miss the "J" of my V1. I hope I run into a LEO actually running RADAR soon to test its range! It does seem to detect the K-band door openers about as well as the V1, and the X-band door openers even better (hence, X is now off). The more important test, which I fully expect it to pass, will be driving through Noradarland with it on the whole time