will i just got back from my trip on the west coast of nl.
left st.john's friday morning @ 2:15am
didn't get my first hit(ka) until i got into stephenville was going 65 in a 50.
when all of a sudden both sti's lighted i slowed down and about 3km's later rcmp using c/o and also to confirm they too are using spectre now they have them in atleast two patrol cars.
so after a wild weekend i packed it back up and headed back across.
first hit today was grandfalls just east of coming into town rcmp parked just before the divided hwy he was using ka rear and k front once again both sti's went nuts.slowed down to psl and had no problems.
the last two hits were near holyrood.
this time i picked up ka @ a crazy distance. it was between 7-8kms away on a nice straight away not sure if it was scater or if it was pop all i know is once i got closer he was using c/o, but either or it gave me lots of time and it wasn't false.
the last hit was about 15 mins later on the other side of the hwy and the rcmp in a marked car was using ka rear.

here is what i found out using one visor mount and the other centre high window mount and set on hwy mode
on all hits the centre mount sti would pick up the signal much faster.
the visor mount was always late picking up the signal by nearly 2secs slower.
though what i have found is that the sti's work really well on ka and sucks on k
both my sti's have 2607 on them.