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    Default Bel 945i Cordless power cord

    I have recently purchased a 945i off Ebay and have no power cord. it will work w/o the power cord but is much more effective with it plugged in. I cannot find one anywhere (ebay, bel website, google, etc.) I didn't know if i could use a power cord from a different model or what, and i know they recently changed to a different connector so i can't get one brand new.

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    If I recall correctly, any older Bel cord will work. It's a 12V detector when corded, and don't expect it to "work" better when corded, it doesn't. I've owned a couple of them, and also the older Express Li cordless.

    They aren't terrible, but on Ka band, you will get popped......

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    Looked it up in my computer, in August 2001 Bel had on their website something called their "Bel Performance Guarantee". It shows the 946i (essentially the same as the 945i) as having the following sensitivity:

    X band = -107.8 dBm
    K band = -104.4 dBm
    Ka band = -93.5 dBm (33.8)
    -96.3 dBm (34.7)
    -94.0 dBm (35.5)

    Like I said, Ka will get you popped for sure.



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