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    Default A Helpful Cross-Post From The Escort Forum

    I don't usually cross-post but I thought my experience might be helpful to Bel 940 owners/buyers/prospects so here's a copy of my original post in the Escort forum:

    I bought my first new X50 rev 6.1 at Best Buy last December. About two weeks later it got really quiet and NEVER alerted, even with known K & Ka hits. After testing it to confirm it went silent, I exchanged it for another one.

    The second one had much lower max volume - you could never hear it at highway speed with normal music playing. It also had VERY short detection range on Ka. You could usually see the LEO as the X50 alerted. Again, I exchanged it.

    The third X50 was a dog right out of the box - dim display, low max volume, lousy ramp up - it was either at one bar or full all the time. Worse, it would alert normally one power-on cycle and then remain silent after the next power-on cycle. Kind of like the first one. You just couldn't trust it. I confirmed it's intermittentcy by repeatedly cycling it and passing a permanent K band radar speed sign that I use for testing all of my detectors. So, I exchanged that one, too.

    The fourth X50 was absolutely great - for about four months. Then, the trouble began. Whenever it was powered on with outdoor temperature lower than about 70 degrees, it went nuts! It would continuously cycle through X, K, Ka, Laser - all at full bars and tones. If I let it run for about two minutes like that, it would then mute and operate normally. So, it had a real thermal problem. I was thoroughly disgusted with Escort's total lack of quality and reliability. I returned this one for a full refund. It wasn't easy but Best Buy agreed to issue credit.

    Now, here's a few facts:

    All these X50's were rev 6.1 software.
    All were Red LED displays.
    All were late 2006 and early 2007 production.
    All were absolutely brand new and shrink-wrapped by Escort.
    All were tested in a 2005 Maxima; a 2007 Explorer; and a 2006 Xterra.

    I had really wanted to own a Passport 8500 X50 but reality set in, finally, and I gave up!

    On a lark, I bought two Bel 940's (their cheapo) at Circuit City for $124.99 each. I am absolutely blown away with how GREAT these cheapos are! They have as much or more range than the X50's when tested with stationary speed limit signs. They alert on K and Ka at least a mile or more in advance on the interstate in traffic when troopers are closing head-on. They have voice and no old-fashioned power switch & volume knob like the X50. And, they're shorter so they don't droop and pull the suction cups off the windshield like the X50.

    The Bel 940's are a REAL bargain. Good looking, easy to operate, virtually zero false alarms and budget-priced. I owned V1's and those four X50's and none of them can compare to these two 940's! I found my perfect detector at last.

    You guys who have the kinds of problems I did with your X50's should think about doing what I did - dump the X50 and buy a Bel 940. It does exactly what it's supposed to do - detect radar 100% accurately, as far as I can tell so far.

    Just thought I'd share my tale with you guys.


    Here's an update to my buying a Bel 940 at Circuit City:

    I LOVE it!

    I was cruising along a 35 MPH four-lane curving roadway and a Volvo was coming up behind me at about 50. A few seconds later my Laser went crazy. There was a motorcycle cop about 1/4 mile ahead hunting my pack of four cars headed toward him for the speeder, which was the Volvo. My 940 alerted all four times as he banged us with his laser gun! Fantastic test! Of course, he nailed the Volvo.

    My 940 seems quieter than the three Passport 8500 x50's I had and it has GREAT range. I picked up Ka almost 5 miles before the speed trap on the interstate over two small rises and around a small curve! A K-band hit gave me almost 4 miles on an interstate straightaway. I just can't believe how hot this detector is.

    I get very few X-band falses even on Highway setting in busy commercial areas. No falses on City setting. K-band flips a few falses for door openers in some shopping centers.

    I like my Bel 940 so much that I bought a second one for my girlfriend's car. It works like a charm, too. LOUD suckers! And, BRIGHT!

    Hey guys! A Bel 940's only $124.99 and works better than my $330 X50's! I can't believe the value there. I wish I knew about them a lot sooner. I would've saved myself a lot of grief.

    Hope this helps someone out there who's as disappointed with his X50 as I was. Remember, there IS life after Escort!

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    Im assuming you purchased all the X50s from Best Buy and the 940 from CircuitCity. :wink:
    You paid over list on the X50's? They list for $299 not $330. I hate how Best Buy marks up defective merchandise.

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    Default Re: A Helpful Cross-Post From The Escort Forum

    It just amazes me that the low end Vector can tromp a high end Escort.
    I enjoyed the short time I had with a 1 year old 940 before it went belly up.

    Always good to hear someone having great results. I'm still waiting for that one radar encounter to solidify my faith in my new v995.

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    Yea, just bought my sister a V940 to replace her Pro-58, which was originally for my mom.



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