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    Default Interrupting power to STI, bad???

    Question for you guys: Does cutting the power to the STI midway through startup (calibration) and then restarting affect the unit negatively? My hardwire thru ignition power will tend to cut power to the unit as I go from accessory to ignition while starting the car...

    Also, about cold weather: do any of you notice the STI picking up K or X band upon startup when it is VERY cold (e.g. -20c or below?)


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    The STi was made to be used in a car. Many vehicles actually have a switched power for the cigarette lighter instead of constant power, so it would power cycle like that in some vehicles.

    You shouldn't have problems.

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    Hi bojangles,

    Power glitches like that could leave the STi in a hosed condition where it won't alert to radar. Always keep your STi set to go through its full power-up sequence rather than using the fast power-up sequence. If the STi ever gets hosed up, it won't produce a completely normal audio and visual power-up sequence. That is easily fixed by doing a hard reset to restore the STi to its factory deaults.

    I like to avoid power glitches and voltage spikes to my radar detectors. I prefer to first start my car and then power on my RD. Likewise I usually remember to power off my RD before I turn off the ignition.

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    I have had mine hardwired to several cars for about 2 years now with no problems. The people designing these units know very well the electrical environment they must live in and design accordingly. The electrical transients you see at startup are nothing special compared to others that occur in a car under normal operation such as a load shed when your AC switches off and/or or you kill the headlights.

    Most of the stories about starting the car with the unit connected being a problem are old wives tales. A bigger problem with connecting the unit after you start the car is when you forget to connect it and get nailed for speeding.

    Don't make things harder then they need to be.

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    i read in the instruction ( manual) positive wire= switching wire . NO direct or always 12 V on.



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