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    Default where to buy? STi

    first off i will say hello to all. Just have one quick question i have been looking around alot and at alot of RD. I think i have finaly found the one i want. The Bel STi driver. I have read alot of info on the V1, Escort x50 and the Bel STi and since i live in toronto ontario, i need something that RDD will not see. I want to stay away from chip as much as i can lol. Ok so my question is where can i buy an STi ? i want to just go pick it up if i can and iam trying to stay away from going over the border. I also dont want to pay the 750$ cdn I have see alot of ppl pay. Also please dont say ebay lol.
    Any help will be great.


    P.S. If anyone on here wants to sell their's to me please feel free to e-mail me at .

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    My case: Sept. '06, bought it from Roy, delivered to the UPS store (in US) of my choice, Niagara Falls, NY, no sales tax in US and just $5 to the UPS store, picked it up on my way to NYC, hardwired at CC in Buffalo, NY, got back to Canada no tax and duties at all, all worked out very smoothly... and I am in Toronto as well :wink:

    The STI is totally undetectable to all old and latest Spectre RDDs but is not invisible to the open eye (about cops) so if you don't know how to conceal it properly you can easily lose it (read to be SEIZED!!!)...

    Best of luck and drive safely

    PS C$750 for the STI :?: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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    sent you an email at the address posted, it bounced back. PM for lead on an STi




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