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    Default The Beltronics Vector Series

    Seeing as all the detectors in the Vector series from Beltronics (V940, V955, V965, V995) have the same performance according the the latest (Aug 07) radar test, and how widely their prices vary, one must assume the price difference is based upon the features/goodies each detector has.

    I know Beltronics has their own little list on their site, but I figured maybe I could break it down a little better. That, and the fact the their range comparison thing is bogus.

    BTW, for the V955 and V995, I'm going off what the Bel site says. If these two have something else going for them, please post if up. The other two, I know what they have.

    First off, here's what you get with the V940, their base model.

    Retail Price: $169.95
    Selectable Modes: Highway, City
    Brightness: Dark, Minimum, Medium, Maximum
    Pilot H, Highway
    Voice On, Off
    Power Up Sequence Fast, Standard
    Auto Mute On, Off
    City Mode LoX, Standard
    Selectable Bands POP, SWS
    Comments: Good little budget performer. If you don't like X, or they don't use it in your area, maybe going up to the V955 for $30 or so dollars might not be a bad idea. Sometimes, CC has these suckers up online for around 130, which I consider a steal.


    Retail Price: $199.95, $30 more than V940
    Difference between V940: Has Autoscan and a NoX City mode
    Comments: Basically, for $30, you can turn off X completely and get Autoscan, which I don't know how I feel about.


    Retail Price: $249.95, $80 more than V940, $50 more than V955
    Difference between V940: Has Autoscan, a NoX City mode, and a soft travel case.
    Comments: Basically the same thing as the V955, except you pay $50 for a travel case? WTF?! What a joke. :roll:


    Retail Price: $299.95, $130 more than V940 retail, $100 more than V955, $50 more than V965.
    Difference between V940: Has Autoscan, a NoX City mode, selectable bands, a soft travel case, Voltage & Tech displays, as well as a Smart Cord ($30.)
    Comments: Basically, you can now turn off X (can already do that with NoX) K, Ka, and Laser (who turns these off?) Tech and Voltage display are cool (and tech display is helpful) but not needed. The Smart Cord you can always purchase later, or just reach up and mute. The travel case, well.... As a side note, CC has these now for 240, which makes it a bit more worthwhile.


    As been mentioned in other posts, Beltronics seems to be basically charging more money for what appear to be some firmware flashed and some overpriced items (carrying case.)

    And yes, before anyone mentions it, I bought my dad a V965 (over a V955), partially because of the range comparisons found on the back of the box. I think this was before the Aug GOL test. Either way, I fee stupid. ops:

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    Hi ELVATO,

    That is a nice write-up, and it pretty much sums up the differences between the Vector models.

    I would point out that the City LoX and City NoX modes do reduce K band sensitivity. The AutoScan mode only filters out X band door openers, and only if the X band door opener signals aren't strong enough to override the filter. That occurs when the signal strength from the door openers reaches a level of roughly 4 out of 10. Note that AutoScan mode does not decrease K band sensitivity at all. Nevertheless, AutoScan's X only filtering is quickly becoming outdated since K band door openers have popped up everywhere during the last couple of years. I wonder what Bel will call the next line of radar detectors which incorporates enhanced AutoScan filtering for K band door openers as well, or even if they will produce a line with enhanced AutoScan filtering since this would obviously impact sales of the 9500i?

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    Any source on the City Mode Reducing K band sensitivity?

    My 995's manual reads:

    Highway / AutoScan / City Button
    The City button selects V995s sensitivity
    mode. We recommend the AutoScan mode
    for most driving.
    V995s AutoScan mode provides longrange
    warning, with minimum false alarms.
    In this mode, V995s internal computer
    continuously analyzes all incoming signals
    and intelligently filters out false alarms.
    You can also select conventional
    Highway and City modes. When driving in
    urban areas where annoying X-band
    intrusion alarms and door openers are
    common, City mode can be engaged to
    lower X-band sensitivity and reduce X-band
    alerts. Full sensitivity is maintained on all
    other bands.
    You can also customize V995s
    City mode sensitivity, including No X
    mode. See the Programming section for
    Pg. 9

    I run City LoX even on the highway, since I have not seen an X band cop since 1998 here - but just in case, I am leaving it in LoX mode. If K band (quickly becoming only small town, I mean really small town cops), is reduced, I am going to rethink this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyZero
    Any source on the City Mode Reducing K band sensitivity?...
    Hi JonnyZero,

    I have thoroughly tested my V995. City mode does not affect the V995's K band sensitivity.

    So, there you have it!


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    I myself with my V995 have seen drastic detection range variances while operating with City NoX on K band 24.100 in comparison to Highway.

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    All models use the M4 horn, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWRDbyTRD
    I myself with my V995 have seen drastic detection range variances while operating with City NoX on K band 24.100 in comparison to Highway.
    How drastic are we talking about?

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    Wallymart has the 995 on sale for $239

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    Quote Originally Posted by amoney
    Wallymart has the 995 on sale for $239
    Circuit City got it for $220 online, and you'll pay that price and can do a store pickup to get it same day. Ironically the stores carry the regular price of $299. Save money just by buying online and doing instore pickup.

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    all bel vectors on sale this week at

    940 was $160, now $138
    955 was $200, now $173
    965 was $250, now $230
    995 was $300, now $220

    bel gives the 965 a $50 msrp markup over the same performing 955 because of the soft carrying case, and circuit city prices the feature packed and same performing 995 $10 less than a 965.

    the 965 remains the oddball in the vector lineup when it comes to pricing.



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