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    Default Voice alert or standard alert tones...which to use???

    I will be purchasing the STi Driver after my eBay auction for my X50 Blue is over. I am trying to see from other STi users out there which alert mode would be best (and least annoying): the standard alert tones OR the voice alert?

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    I don't have an STI, but I'll chime in anyway. I don't use voice alerts because it sounds the tone a couple times first and then starts the voice alert, so I end up looking up at my detector to get the frequency/listening to the tone. This means that I recognize the threat first before the voice alert starts; then the voice alert happens and it's just annoying.

    So, personally, I don't like it. Now if I used SWS and it stated the what the warning was, that might be nice.

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    I turned off voice alerts the very day I bought my STi, V995 and 9500i, after powering up each model a couple of times to memorize the different alert tones. The voice alerts are nice, but I am old school and for years have simply relied on the different warning tones generated by radar detectors.

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    The voice alerts are good for the first few days when you are familiarizing yourself to the various alerts.... OTherwise they might cover up critical changes in ramp-up during the voice alert.... of course with the STI that's much less of a problem thanks to the two-stage rampup

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    Voice alerts off, as Jabomb9 said, I look at it when it goes off to see the signal strength anyway, if its an area i dont know, or if its area i do and it has deviated from normal. So, not only does the tone tell you the band, your looking at it too by the time it tells you, just redundant.

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    Too bad it doesn’t tell you the warning type like the 9500I, I love the voice alert on that thing.



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