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    Default Switching from x50 to STi, my observations

    So its been a week since I switched to the STi from a malfunctioning x50. I just hardwired it above my RVM today, but before that I had it in the same position where my x50 used to be to compare them. I usually drive on the highway to get to work, and I also just went on a trip for new years.

    First...the display. The STi has the three different pilots, whereas the x50 has many more, including a nightrider-esk scrolling dot, which I liked the most. Not a big issue, but a noticeable one. The x50's expertmeter is also much better than BEL's threat display. This is because the x50 will show the respective strength and number of each type of source. For example, if I was picking up 2 ka's and a k band, it would show the strength of all 3. This actually might have saved me once when 2 cops where both using the same frequency within 100 yds of each other.

    The STi feels noticably better built than the x50. The magnesium case certainly helps this, but other features just make it seem like a more thought out detector.

    The x50, however, wins by a mile on ramp up. The complete lack of ramp up on the STi is getting on my nerves, and I will send it in to get re-flashed as soon as I get back from my next road trip. I also don't see the point of the voice alerts since the different tones tell me what band its picking up, not to mention that I have to look at the detector anyways to see the signal strength.

    Sensitivity is an area where I am still unsure about. When I ran the detectors side by side, the picked up on Ka at almost the exact same time. However when driving around with the STi by itself, it just feels like it was giving me longer detection distances. I ran them both again today, this time with the STi mounted high and x50 low, and the STi was giving an extra 3-4 seconds warning time. The STi unfortunately also alerts MUCH more often to falses. I assume this is due to an increase in sensitivity in the detector and its just something I will have to live with.

    So this brings me to my questions to the experts, and I have a lot of them. First: I have SWS on because its seems cool, and its new since the x50 does not have it. However, I have yet to pick up anything on it. I assume only certain cities use it, and that I might as well turn it off? Next, I have the detector mounted high above my RVM. because of this, there is no real line of sight to the rear facing laser sensor. Should I worry about this since if Im getting lasered from behind I wouldn't be able to pick it up anyways, and even if I did, I would still be screwed? Lastly, where should I go to sell a semi-functioning x50?

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    First if your lasered from behind... your screwed period.

    As far as ability to detect rear, believe it or not but my old Bel985 alerted to rear laser, the officer got me from the front and then after I passed he got me again from the rear!

    Its very rare to get a SWS, basicly you have a better chance winning the lottery.

    And as for as the voice alerts go, you are correct, its a novelty feature, and it does grow on you, went I recently got my V1 my wife commented how she missed the voice alerts, I do too, just thought it was funny how a girl would take interest in a RD.

    Turn POP off might reduce your falses...???

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    Yeah, I think I might as well turn SWS off. It would be a neat feature if it was used. I have POP off already since it is not used in this area. I am running version A4M9 right now (week 34 2007 build), which I've been told has the 33.8 bug fix. Can someone explain to me what that bug was? Because I'm not entirely sure if it has the fix.




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