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    Hey All - appreciate the comments here

    Im in SanFrancisco today 30 Jan and LA on 31 Jan on my way home.

    I am desperately trying to buy a Beltronics STI.

    I cant find one place....

    In Australia radar detectors are 100% banned ! and I need the stealth on the STI. IF caught its a 500 fine and loss of licence for 3 months (risky huh!)

    Im not to familiar with the areas, but Im in the city in San Fran and have a 4 hour layover at LAX.

    Is there somewhere I could cab it to purchase in either one of the locations before I leave?

    thanks in advance


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    Major retailers like Circuit City or Best Buy do NOT sell it in store at all, the only chance to get it while still on American soil is to drive on some Interstates around that area and look for Pilot or Love's gas/truck stations, I know for sure that these very large gas stations carry the STI AND I'm pretty sure that all the STIs they sell are built pretty recently so that 33.8 bug fix is already included... but there is a catch 22, if there is something wrong with the STI, anything wrong, you MUST come back to US and to any of those gas stations across America and they will exchange it for you, no refunds at all... if I were you I would get in touch with Roy and ask him how to get the STI shipped directly to your Down Under home, with him you will 101% get the very latest STI plus you buy it at the US price with no US tax, maybe just AU duties and tax when it gets to you...

    And if you decide getting it from him, I strongly recommend the following items you should order along with the STI, so all shipped out in the very same package:

    I strongly recommend to professionally hardwire it and mount it way up by the visor, also you can buy a $10 CD holder from any Wal-Mart and after all set and done with the hardwire job just cover it up with the CD holder...

    Regardless, have a safe and pleasant flight back to the Paradise Land

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    Give them a call and see if there's a reseller nearby. SFO or LAX

    Beltronics STI

    (Times are Eastern, holiday hours may vary)
    8am-5pm M-F 513-870-8535

    Customer Service
    8am-6pm M-F 800-341-2288

    8am-11pm M-F
    8am-6pm Sat
    11am-5pm Sun 866-468-0322

    Good luck

    Roy may be able to ship overnight to Qantas or __? at LAX but that would be d_mn lucky, can't hurt to ask.

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    Closest place I know to LA is 40 miles up Interstate 5 north to the city named Castaic @ I-5 and lake hughes exit Pilot Travel Center,(661) 257-2800 I would call to make sure they have one before you make the 80 mile round trip drive. Other option is Ontario,Ca about 75 mile one way from LAX Travel Centers of America

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    Detectors are not 100% banned in Aus, WA allows them.

    Your best toption is to get a STi, wait till u get home and call Sean from and he will help you out with a unit, best to get locaally from him then u dont have to worry about customs taking it!

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    Any luck?



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