Last weekend I purchased a Starcom1 comm unit for my motorcycle. I wired it up adding the headphones and mic to helmets etc. I also inserted a cable from the audio out on the RX65 to the aux input on the comms unit so that the audio alerts would be routed to my headphones.

Long story short, I didn't use what I now know to be an "isolated cable" to connect the two devices. Apparently those cables isolate any DC component in the wire. Its a bit over my head - I'd certainly never heard of such - just shielded wires.

Things were fine with audio until I realised that I couldn't hear the audio alerts from the detector.

Unfortunately I now have no audio at all from the detector and suspect I have blown something in the audio circuit of the detector. The rest of the detector works fine - it picks up radar and provides visual alerts - there is just no audio.

A friend claims he may be able to fix it if I can locate a wiring schematic for the detector. Does anyone here know where I may be be able to obtain such? An email has been sent to Beltronics but I'm not holding my breath for a positive reply.

Any help much appreciated.