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    Default First laser alert, almost shat myself

    So today was the first time I got a laser alert on the STi. I had never heard the warning before other than start up and it took me a second to realize what it was. The alert was loud and startling, but not quite as bad as the x50's. Anyways the story:

    I was going 60-65 in a 55 zone in the left lane when the car in the right lane pulls in front of me. It was not really a dangerous situation as he had matched my speed, it was just a little close so I let off the gas. Almost immediately, I get a full laser alert which soon starts to fade then about 1 second later get another full alert. I start looking around and see the LEO a short distance away (200m) shooting the laser through the opened driver side window.

    I can only assume the first alert was scatter as he gunned the car in front of me, and he just kept the sights pointing in the same spot as I passed it. I was impressed that the STi picked it up at such a close range considering it is hardwired behind the tint above my RVM. In any case, if I was really speeding, I would have been nailed, alert or not.

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    Yup I've had great success with my STi with laser as well. I shot this little video back in September.

    YouTube - STi vs LTI 20/20



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