here's my original thread describing problems on my V955. The new smartcord seemed to have solved the problem until yesterday. As I set for the city 50 miles away with POP, I programmed my V955 to POP enabled and off it went again blasting alert after alert with no crapras nearby. I disabled POP immediately and enabled it again half our later..worked great after that.

As for our other detectors, I had mentioned in the other thread problems with the 8500M4. Well this detector swapped cars with the one the V955M4 was doing duty in...users of both M4 units reporting the detectors working fine now and the 8500M4 seems like it came back from the dead!

The 8500S7 (approx 3 yrs old) I had praised earlier has started spitting out Self Cal messages and today displayed "Cal7 Err" Does anyone know what this error means and is this detector asking for a return trip to and from the Belscort factory?