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    Default A positive note: BEL 940

    I decided it would be appropriate to say something positive about BEL to balance some of my criticisms.

    I like voice alert for band ID on the 940

    X-Band is more sensitive on 940 than X-50, based on a stationary radar reference. I have access to (low-power intrusion detection). 2X distance on 940 vs. X-50. 3X distance V1 vs. X-50. Note that these are very close range tests, so one musn't extrapolate to highway "miles".

    K and Ka band ranges seem fine.

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    I've used a Bel 940 and a 985 for quite a while and the only difference I noticed was due to the 940 having less features. I program x band out on my 985 and that was my only complaint about the 940. Range seemed to be the same as the 985 (have the same guts?)



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