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    Default New guy; STI on order...

    Hey, guys. I was on the fence between the V1 and the STI and since I've had Bel RD's before and from some of the reviews I read, I swung toward the STI. I drive an '07 Stang for most of my long distance trips and frequently like to let her stretch so I need some... protection.

    The unit I ordered was new on ebay from what appears to be a reputable dealer. I'd like to verify my firmware when it arrives so if anyone can direct me to a post or URL that I can check it with, I'd appreciate it.

    I hope to learn a lot here. Looks like an interesting forum.

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    Hold all three buttons down when powering it on, and it will show the firmware version. Should be something like A4M9 or A7M9. A7M9 is good, if it is A4M9, it may need a firmware flash (but not necessarily).

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    First off, wait until you get it and see what firmware has got... if happy with it, you gotta find the best place in your car, windshield of course, high, middle, low, by the RVM, etc, then hardwire it professionally... and welcome to the club :wink:



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