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    Default Q about mounting STI Vertically.

    I have been using an STI in my Semi and have been experimenting with mounting locations. Sometimes on the dash with velcro and a hat over it for cover and sometimes mounted behind the passenger seat looking out the front winshield at about mid winshield. In this position it is mounted vertically and stays in the shade, running cooler and making it hard to notice by LEO and weigh stations. I have noticed no noticeable difference in the sensativity mounted vertically, nor any loss of performance..
    Im no goo roo of detector know how and learned a new term OFF AXIS.

    How will being mounted VERTICALLY effect performance of off axis alerts? I have not noticed any differance as of yet, but im not sure I would notice anyway.

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    This weekend I will play around with my STi and do some empirical testing to see how well the STi performs off-axis when it is orientated either normally or vertically. Send me a PM Saturday morning to remind me to go out and do some tests.

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    I will be on the road doing laps around the country this weekend and wont have forum access.. no hurry on testing, just courious. I will be back for days off 4-08 thru 04-12. I will send u a pm reminder if you forget, and thanks for the help. I really like it mounted there and with the aux power speaker it alerts plenty LOUD. Thanks again!



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