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    Default Hard wiring the sti question

    I just received my beltronics STI driver and since I live in the communist country of Canada where Detectors are illegal in most provinces, I'm going to hard wire it and manufacture a pocket into the sun visor to hide it and I want to add a rocker shut off button inline so I can shut the system down if need be.

    I purchased an add on curcuit and was wondering what size fuse should be allocated for the detector itself on that add on curcuit and what amperage should the rocker on/off switch be, I have a 5 amp one kicking around, would a 5 amp switch work?

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    for the first part, i used the 3amp fuse that came with my add-a-circuit, it's worked well and it powers my sat radio, and 9500i, so a 3amp should be plenty, when i asked this same question i was told less than an amp your RD will use, so smallest fuse you got

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    Leave the 1 amp fuse on the hardwire kit in place. Use a 3 amp fuse in the add-a-circuit thingy. The rocker switch is rated for up to 5 amps so the rocker switch is fine to use.

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    Get also tinted windows as dark as possible, limo tint is the best... good luck



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