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    "VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) is a vehicle speed measuring system that computes speed from two variables, distance target vehicle travels and the time it takes to travel that distance. Distance can be measured using the patrol vehicle odometer (the VASCAR computer is connected directly to the odometer), or entered from a keyboard inside the patrol vehicle.

    Unlike many Police Radar Guns, the basic operation of VASCAR has the officer visually select any two landmarks (utility pole, crosswalk, sign, etc.), determine distance between landmarks (already known or measured with patrol vehicle odometer), and measure the time it take a target vehicle to travel between landmarks (push a button when target passes each landmark). VASCAR radar can be used by a stationary or moving patrol vehicle. In moving mode distance between landmarks is determined on the fly by the officer pushing a button when passing each landmark.

    VASCAR radar has an advantage over microwave radar (most Police Radar Gun) and laser radar in the fact that a radar has to be close to the road, while VASCAR can be close to or far from the road. The operator only has to see vehicles pass between landmarks, making VASCAR more flexible (easier to hide patrol vehicle) Police Radar Guns. Also VASCAR does not transmit (microwaves or laser infrared signals) and does not alert a driver equipped with a radar detector :shock: ."

    Does anyone know where this is used? Is it used in Canada?[/b]

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    It's used just about everywhere, but it is not that common. It takes time and effort to set something like this up and more than one LEO to properly administer. A LEO using radar can work independently and just has to sit on the side of the road, turn his radar unit on and chase the first speeder he sees. No effort on his part. For moving radar, the LEO just has to drive around until his radar unit tells him that someone was speeding. Again. No effort.

    VASCAR is undetedectable and pretty much unbeatable, but is just not used enough to warrant driver stress over.

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    Yes it is used all over.

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    It's used in Wisconsin quite a bit, although I've rarely heard of anyone getting a ticket from it. The Wisconsin State Patrol uses VASCAR from aircraft, and will radio to waiting patrol cars.

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    Used heavily in Ontario since the 50km/h rule came into effect.

    The 400 series highway are done using bridges as landmarks. Regional highways are done using white markers placed on the outside lane, so it's pretty obvious.

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    I've read in many places that (knock on wood) to get caught by vascar you really have to be making yourself obvious - weaving in and out of lanes, going significantly faster than the flow of traffic (even if flow is 80 or something they wont waste time), tailgating, cutting people off, that sort of thing. Trying to catch the "stand outs". Just going a little fast, not trying to run people of the road you probably do not have too much to worry about.

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    VASCAR is being used by Indiana State Police and not just from the air. I have not heard of any air based traps recently. It is definitely being used from the ground.

    Slow down when you see ISP cars. And watch for Crown Vics, marked or unmarked, on entrance ramps and bridges.

    Remember VASCAR measures average speed, not instantaneous speed, so you have time to slow down once you see them. You don't have to slam on the brakes, but you need to get your average speed down.

    Being alert to what is going on around you is the best defense against VASCAR. In most cases you can see them, but you have to be looking for them.


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    Default Re: Vascar

    Quote Originally Posted by lilleboy
    Does anyone know where this is used? Is it used in Canada?
    "Speeders beware: OPP will soon have an eye in the sky. A brand new OPP plane is set to begin aerial patrols in a couple of weeks.

    The Cessna will operate night and day hunting for speeders and aggressive and impaired drivers on Ontario's main highways.

    The provincial government gave the OPP $2 million last August to fund a program that would allow the force to obtain the aircraft.

    The jet will be ready to take flight by mid to late March."

    I dont see this going on for to long, 2 million bucks to catch a few speeders seems to me they would have been better off spending that money on more LIDARS guns for the cruiser(but i guess theres a reason for everything). And like F=MA said, you can see the paint on the hwy so it sticks out quite a bit.

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    When I used to live in San Clemente,Ca 1990 I used to hear them on my scanner ( aircraft talking to ground units). They would set up just south of Town on the I-5 and work from there to the nuclear power plant area. I would hear them working both northbound and south. Normally working on holiday weekends as I recall. I would sometimes also hear them set up near pico ave working to camino de estrella. Dont know if they still do or not but it was entertaining to listen to.

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    Everytime they've used it on I10 through Louisianna it's been all over the scanner and the CB. Usually holiday weekends. Memorial day, July 4, Labor day. Haven't seen it in years, but I havent run throug NOLA in quite a while either.
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