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    Default Believe I had my 1st "save" with my STI last Monda

    I've had my STI Driver for about 2 weeks but made my first trip out of town with it last week and returned this past Monday. Although I did receive a few real Ka alerts from LEO's both on the move and stationary on the trip out I wasn't traveling much over the PSL. But on the return trip I was making time. My rabbit was ahead of me about 1/4 mile and we both were running 25-30 MPH over the PSL. I lost sight of him over a hill and just before I crested that hill I received a strong Ka alert and was able to back down just as I came over the top. The LEO was about 1/2 mile away shooting from the center of the highway. The rabbit must have picked him up too because he hadn't gained any ground on me. We were the only 2 vehicles in sight.

    Needless to say, I was pleased. But I need to learn not to smile a sh*t-eattin' grin at the LEO as I pass him...

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    lol nice save



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