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    Default Sti-R, how is it compare to escort wirelss?

    Pircewise I am sure Sti-R will perform better but just want to know how does it perform..

    I am going back to Korea soon and police in korea started to use laser..

    So.. I am not sure whether they use RDD but just want to make sure I am safe..

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    well the new 9500ci cannot be picked up by an RDD...also it is $1600 because the unit comes with the new zr4 laser jammers

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    The Escort 9500ci and the Bel STi-R both use the exact same radar antenna, except the antenna for the 9500ci is missing the laser detector. The 9500ci has no need for the laser detector, since it comes with the ZR4 laser shifters that detect laser very well, since they should be the same as the ZR3 laser shifters. Both are not detectable by any RDDs.



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