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    Default RX65 Placement Tweaks

    Hey I was thinking about changing the placement on my rx65 and needed some opinions. I currently have it high, hardwired on the rightside of my mirror centered. Has anyone had personal experience mounting it high on the far right or far left of the windshield? I figure if I do it on one of the sides it can get better visibility ahead from being able to have a line of sight past the car up front of me. Any experiences?

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    Hello - while you are correct it can possibly see better around the car in front and maybe see the oncoming lanes better, the belief is that if you place it too far left on your windshield the curve of the windshield will have the detector pointing too far left and not straight ahead enough, straight ahead being the optimal way to catch radar far ahead of you.

    Also it can block some signals from the rear b/c more is blocking the rear detection in that position.

    However some do have theirs in this position and do like it if the windshield does not curve badly.

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    didnt think about the curve on my windshield. For now I think im gonna go ahead and leave it where is until i can find a leo that I can do some tests on

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    Agree with the windshield curve. You can compensate if you stick the left hand suction cup lower down than the right. That re-orients the RD forward.

    High up is supposed to be better for Radar, but the RX65 is one darn sensitive RD. For laser, however, it's not as good as some others, and mounted high may be making it harder to detect the narrow laser when fired from fairly close range.

    Now before well all get to debating the merits of detecting laser, I'll add that I have a jammer, and had laser Veil before that, so I come down on the side of wanting all the laser warning I can get.

    One other thing, I recommend you try your RX in HWY mode all the time, so long as it doesn't cause you to be plagued with false alarms. The advantage to me is that Auto and City mode are too insensitive to forward facing Ka band photo radar. Hwy fixed that!

    My RX is quiet around town, as we have no K band police radar in town. So I get few false alarms, except the odd one -- a crapra I suspect.

    Good luck with your RX 65 co-pilot. I have loved mine truly, madly, deeply. Alas, I have fallen under the spell of St. Valentine. My V1 should arrive any day now.



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