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    Default Thoughts on the Beltronics Vector 895

    Hello everyone,

    I thought I would post my thoughts about the Beltronics Vector 895 radar detector after about 1 1/2 years of using it. I purchsed it from Radio Shack after reading some positive reviews and how it did in the tests. I was looking for a decent detector for around $200.00 and the 895 fit the bill. I must say that I have been very impressed with this detector, and have not recieved any tickets while using it since I bought it. It has very good range and usually alerts me in plenty of time to slow down. I live in Utah and mostly I see K & Ka band. I have seen Laser only a couple of times when I have been up North in Salt Lake City.

    Just a couple of the more memorable incidents I can remember, one time a kid came flying by me at about 110 mph on I-15 so I just got in behind him and used him as a rabbit. About 5 miles later my Bel goes off with a Ka signal so I slow down quickly to 75 mph. A few moments later we go over a slight rise in the road and a highway patrol in the median pulls out and pulls over the kid who was doing 110.

    Another one recently impressed me with range of this detector. On Interstate 15 again my detector goes off with Ka band. I slow down and keep going and going and going. Finally about six miles later I pass the LEO in the median facing traffic. My thoughts on this are that I-15 has many stretches that are very long and straight, but with slightly rolling rises and dips. When I was at the top of one of those rises I was able to briefly pick up the radar, even though it was several miles away. I have also seen Cobra users blaze right through radar traps totally unaware they were being clocked. They didn't even slow at all, untill of course they had a LEO on their tail with their lights flashing.

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    The 895 is top notch for the money. It picks up K band better then my 9500i and is a solid performer on Ka band.

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    Quote Originally Posted by METEORIC
    The 895 is top notch for the money. It picks up K band better then my 9500i and is a solid performer on Ka band.
    Better K band than the 9500i? Wow. 8)



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