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    Default Random X & K alerts

    Hello Everyone. I'm new here, just picked up a 965 and have some questions. I am aware that I am going to get alerts from "other" sources but I am experiencing some weird behaviour. I have used a RD before, but that was like 15 years ago when KA was the new kid on the block! This thing falses much less than that other one. Anyway, today I was driving minding my own business RD was quiet and then got a X alert full signal. Scared the crap out of me. Never did see a cop. My understanding is that doors and other interference will not bring up a full alert, is that correct? Why would I go from 0% to 100% immediately with nothing but some other cars around?

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    Were there any shopping centers around or office buildings? I have also had some weird light fictures do the same thing.

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    Default on the way back

    1 time there was a wal-mart and I just wrote it off to that, but on the return trip, nothing. I figure since it was so strong I would have got something on the other side of the highway on my way home. I was on RT.33 in PA outside of Allentown going north which is a 4 lane highway. The walmart is off the highway.



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