I have a few questions, any help would be appreciated.

  • Instant-On -- On a country/very rural road (2 lanes total & a lot of trees) what are the odds of getting a alert from a leo that Instant-On'd a car a mile ahead of me?
  • If ever pulled over, is it possible to ask the LEO to see or show proof of the locked speed in which he pulled me over with?
  • I live in virginia and i recently was driving to a popular hang out in which i go to often. Well on the way there on a rural 2 laned road my STI went off and it stayed constant and ramped up until we passed a certain point about .7+ miles up the road from the initial reading and then started decreasing. Well there was no LEO around and it was only trees on both sides of the road. Well later on that day I drive back the opposite way and don't get the initial reading until about .3 miles from the full ramp up and then decreases after that certain point. We drive around trying to find its source, also find out its directional. Well we find its full ramp up location and on the right side of the road a Gray box is attached to a tree. Well thats the K band source that we were getting. But we still can't figure out what it was. At first I thought maybe a K-Band drone but in VA no, and my county definatly not. Only on I-95 have I heard of them doing that. So does anybody have any ideas of what it is? Its directional, K band, Gray box about the length and height of a Briefcase but about 3-4 brief cases wide.
Bel STI Driver Questions:

  • Does having SWS ON benifit at all? The only time its ever gone off was once when I was going over my local bridge. 1 time out of about 6+ months of use, and 100 times over that bridge. Does it have any effect positive or negitive?
  • After searching the forums I have concluded that I have the newest version of the STI but just to make sure: Last 4 Digits of S/N - 4507 (45th Week of 2007) & Software Version: RevA 7 & RevM 9 or A7M9
  • Also I received an alert from my STI today in Highway mode and I had the personal trip on and knew what mileage i recieved the first alert. Well it would alert from anywhere from 5 Seconds - 10 seconds then would dissapear. until about 3 miles up the road i get a constant reading and there was an LEO in a Marked Car running Constant On coming in the opposite direction the other way. This was a 4 lane road. 2 Northbound and 2 Southbound. But from the initial reading to me passing him was 3.7 Miles total. Thats an amazing reading but I have doubts.
    1. Its Urban... Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, etc. -- But in Highway Mode from the initial alert to the initial contact there are no false readings I recieve through out the 3.7 miles (Even though there are many stores I pass that if close enough would set my RD off)
    2. I hit many stop lights so that if the RD was alerting to a LEO in front of me going the same direction it would of been just a quincidence that 3.7 miles up the road another LEO was running K band coming the other way.
    3. If you think about it the LEO that i met 3.7 miles from the initial reading would of really been about 5 miles from the initial reading because he wasn't stationary and was moving towards me.
    4. So I have doubts about this being true but has anybody else had an experience like this or any information regarding this matter?