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    Default this might be a stuid question buy i dont know the answer

    whats the differnce between on-axis and of-axis

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    On-axis is the radar source is on the same axis you are on..for example u are on a part of a road that is straight for 2 miles...its easy to pick up a leo running c/o and u will probably pick it up for the whole 2 miles with a good RD.

    Off-axis is the Leo is not in a straight line with u..this is a lot harder to pick up because the radar source is not directly ahead of you..take a look at this GOL test

    Guys of LIDAR - Radar Detector Test - July 2007

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    Off axis Ka sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by v1dreamer View Post
    whats the differnce between on-axis and of-axis
    There is no such thing as a stupid if you don't know the answer even after thinking about it!

    Anyway, on-axis as mentioned refers to a straight line extended directly from the front of your radar detector's internal horn antenna. Off-axis refers to any angle either to the left or right of this straight line. Assuming that your RD is mounted level and pointing straight ahead, then 30 degrees off-axis literally means a 30 degree angle either to the left or right of whatever is directly in front of your car and RD. Thus off-axis refers to anything either to the left or right of your RD's "vision" of the road directly ahead of where the front of it is pointing.



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