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    Default unknown warning

    Hi forgive me if this is a newbie question,
    but I have a Bel 975 R and periodically it triggers an audible alarm, with the signal strength led's lighting up in sequence ( cycles through 1-4 and repeats)
    the sound is one long chirp then 5 short chirps
    at the time of the warning there is not an led illuminated indicating what if any band it is
    I can find no reference to this in my manual,
    and when it happens I have yet to see a source?????
    any help is appreciated


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    During normal power-up of your RD, do all of the band indicator LEDs light up in their proper sequences? It is possible that one of the band indicator LEDs isn't working (possibly X band). First, if you have a cell phone then power it completely off and see if your 975R still does this strange behavior. If not, then likely your cell phone is operating on 700MHz which creates a harmonic in the X band range.

    Since you have a remote installed RD, perhaps its time to check all of its wiring for good connections. This could be the problem. If you rule out cell phone interference and wiring problems, then I think that its time for RD to go in for service. Even better would be to consider upgrading to new STi-R which has blazing sensitivity and is completely undetectable by Spectre radar detector detectors.

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    thanks for the quick response
    I'm fairly sure the wiring is good, as I just installed and wired it. I never even considered cell phone.
    all of the led's and such work great during power up. and from the manual there is a "tutorial" mode which cycles through all the sounds, it doesn't even make this sound then
    I will try the phone thing

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    Not sure how your model works but maybe sws? not sure though



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