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Thread: XR650 upgrade?

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    Cool XR650 upgrade?

    I currently use the Beltronics XR950 which is apparently tuned for Aus conditions. Effective against Multi Novas (audible 'ka band' warning in highway mode)...effective against hand held stationary Lidar guns when signal is continuous (audible 'laser' warning) Exception when I have been pinged coming over a hill where I am assuming the police officer pulls the trigger upon sight of my car.
    Do I need any further programming? dealer said it was set up and to keep in highway mode.
    WA ploice have new cameras on order from the UK which I believe will be Lidar technology capable of nailing speeding vehicles across three lanes.

    any tips appreciated

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    Mount in sideways for increased Multanova detection.
    Add a laser jammer so you don't have the same problem again

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    the XR650 was the entry level detector, im not sure on its performance because i have never owned one i had its bigger brother the XR950.

    it depends on what he was using, if it was laser then you could have had the most expensive radar on the planet and it still wouldnt have saved you. you need Laser Jammers like the Blinder M25.

    if its instant on its basically the same thing unless there are other cars around on. you might get a beep..........beep and thats it until you go over then hill thens BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Ka band too late.


    just read the bottom of your post if you do a reset it will Say "RESET" Rev 3.9 or something, i got my XR950 second hand and got it sent in for a tune up and Neltronics replaced the insides and upgraded the firmware to Rev 4.5. and it performs way better.

    Im in NZ so we're basically in the same boat when it comes to radars.
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