I was driving on 87 today and there were some cars flashing their lights before I got to a known speed trap. I tucked in behind an RV going the limit and as I got about 200 to 250 Ft from the Trooper (I could just see him then cause I was about 50 feet from the RV) Another car moved to the fast lane at the same time and got on the brakes and pulled back to the middle lane when he saw the trooper. My LPP went off for the 4 seconds right as the person was pulling out from behind me. The interceptor was facing opposite traffic and he was crouched outside the car - really low - like he was on his knees and his hat was just over the bottom of the window. The Ultralyte was about the height of his tire. He never stood up while I drove by.

No alert on the STI or the STi-R - BUT - not sure if he even shot me as the only place he could hit was the outside drivers side headlight.

I think the fact that he was close and low combined with my sti-r being on the passenger side of the plate caused the STI -R to miss the alert . Or the Laser pro park picked up scatter possibly from the RV after the car just behind me was shot. He front tire was about at my rear bumper when the LPP alerted.