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    i curently have a Bel 955 and it was made in march of '07 (3607). and Ive been looking on here and i find when people list their RD's it says Beltronics bla bla bla then S7 or Rev 6.3 or something like that. help me out here. And i currently read radar roy's review on mounting on i hardwired my Rd and it is high but Roy says mount low. Will it still give me the same performance if I use it low? let me know, thanks.
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    Mfg date 3607 = week 36 of 2007 so around september 2007. With that build date on a 955 you should have the M4 platform. To find out the Rev #, you would have to reset the RD and take a quick peek at the display during the reset process. To do a reset, turn the unit off, hold down CITY and BRT, then press PWR and release all three. Since you most likely have the M4 platform the Rev # would be 6.1 or 6.3.

    You'll see mixed opinions on high mount vs. low mount (even I like to move the RD around on the windshield ) but high mount is better for clear line-of-sight to detect radar signals or laser scatter if someone up ahead is being targeted by laser. Low mount won't hurt radar performance by much, but you'll be more likely to notified if your vehicle is being targeted by laser. The only true defense though against laser is a jammer so people will argue that there is no point in being notified if you're speeding and lasered.

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    thanks a lot man. I have my RD mounted high above my RVM but right below the tint.



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