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    Question Newbie with a Bel....

    Hello all.

    As m first post,Id like to introduce my detector and a strange save

    Heres what took place:

    I was driving in my hometown in Lake County Il when the Bel sniffed out KA 35.505 .Slowing down appropriately, I get to a stoplight facing a Gurnee police Impala, in the left turn lane.

    The light turns green,and the KA signal dissapears, replaced by a weak K band hit.

    2 miles away from the stoplight, the K band starts ramping up, quicky.

    A look in the side mirrors shows the Impala doing a U-turn.

    The Bel saved me a ticket by either K band or pacing.Even my mom cracked a joke when comparing it to my Dad's paperweight Cobra

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    Default Re: Newbie with a Bel....

    Kustom Golden Eagle units can have two antennas operating on different bands. For example, front Ka 35.5GHz and rear K 24.150GHz. That is most likely what you encountered.



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