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    I just bought a V940 as my back up radar detector. Anyone have experience with the 940? I know you can't turn X band off but city low X was fine with me.

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    I had a 940 then i went to the 955 so i could turn off the x band when im in town. the 940 and the 955 are pretty much the same thing. the 955 works pretty good. its of course a mid price range detector so it wont be as great as a v1 or an STI but it in my opinoin it does the job.

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    Exactly like Bsven6788 says. The V940 is an affordable radar detector with extremely good sensitivity to all radar bands and frequencies. Quite simply, it gets the job done of alerting to radar from long range, but doesn't have any of the extra features which one might prefer for mostly suburban or city driving. Yet on the open highway and away from false alerts normally found in suburbs and cities, it is an excellent performer.

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    IMO it is worth every penny. I just keep it in "city Low X". I have used it for 2years so far.

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    I have a V940 and it's a great rd. I use city lowx in town and it stops x band in it's tracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neopostman View Post
    I have a V940 and it's a great rd. I use city lowx in town and it stops x band in it's tracks.

    I have one too collecting dust. Great detector though.



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