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    Question BEL Ticket Rebate

    Doesn't BEL RD's come with a ticket guarantee? If not, do any of the other RD brands(V1, Escort) come with the a ticket rebate.
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    Default Re: BEL Ticket Rebate

    No, the only one that does is RMR(Rocky Mountain Radar), but they do not honor that guarantee. They always find a way to disqualify the customer from this guarantee.

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    Default Re: BEL Ticket Rebate

    djrams is correct. RMR has this guarantee and they always find a reason not to pay it. Not to mention their products have shown time and again to be the worst performing products of their type on the market.

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    Default Re: BEL Ticket Rebate

    And I'm looking for some rubbers that have a "Pregnant Guarantee"...

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    Default Re: BEL Ticket Rebate

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
    And I'm looking for some rubbers that have a "Pregnant Guarantee"...
    I bought some at Target one time around xmas and every receipt came with a "gift receipt" copy for gift recipients to return products. This prompted me to ask if they were returnable in the event of a "product failure".



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