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Thread: GX65 invisible?

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    Default GX65 invisible?

    Is the GX65 invisible like the STI? And if not, why not?

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    No. It simply does not use the STi platform. I believe is uses the RX65 plus GPS.

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    All of Belscort's Spectre invisible RDs have the M3 antenna. The GX65 has the M4 antenna, like the 9500ix and many others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIX View Post
    Is the GX65 invisible like the STI? And if not, why not?
    As mentioned, the M4 antenna used in the GX65 (and used in a lot of other current Bel and Escort RD models) is not invisible to Spectre RDDs. It wasn't designed to be from the outset. Yet Escort's engineers did include several design tricks in the M4 antenna design which do greatly limit its emissions. The M4 platform can only be detected by the Spectre at distances ranging from around 200 to 300 feet which is pretty good. And thats only when the front (antenna end) of a M4 equipped radar detector is pointed in the general direction of the front of a Spectre RDD. Hopefully GOL will do some more extensive Spectre testing later this year when they have another round of testing radar detectors. Aside from straight-line Spectre detection distances, I think it would be cool to see if the Spectre detects high mounted radar detectors when the Spectre is either behind the test car or alongside the test car. I would think that this would be useful information to know!

    The M3 antenna which is used in the STi, STi-R and in the 9500ci are on the other hand completely immune to Spectre RDD detection at distances down to somewhere around 1 to 2 feet. The M3 antenna was specifically designed from the outset to be completely immune to the Spectre RDD. Jimbonzzz, our Professor, can better describe all of the unique design features within the M3 antenna which make it undetectable by the Spectre. Suffice it to say that the M3 antenna is a much more sophisticated design and is more expensive to produce. It would also be interesting if GOL tested a STi for Spectre immunity if the STi internals were removed from its magnesium case and simply placed atop a block of wood. Wood is an excellent insulator. Since the M3's antenna and LO circuitry is completely enclosed by the antenna's metal casting, removing the magnesium outer case should make absolutely no difference whatsoever. What would be interesting to see is if the rest of the STi's electronics, without the shielding afforded by its magnesium case, could be detected by a scanner. That, to me, would be good info to know too. I doubt that removing the case would make any difference since the STi-R and 9500ci M3 antennas are enclosed in plastic cases.



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