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    I have a Bel 955 and it is not hardwired yet. I am going to hardwire it within the next couple weeks. I have a 01 elantra and it want to put my RD above my rearview mirror but i cant because there is a dark bubbly tint above it. right now it sits below the rearview mirror. Should I leave it under there when I hardwire it? Help me out, Thanks.

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    maybe place it to the side of the RVM/bubble tint thing...put a pic up

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    that might be a good spot. there is tinting but its not metallic so it wont affect reception.

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    Is there a way we can mount over the bubbled ceramic? I want to add a direct wire to my other car although it has the ceramic bubbled stuff behind the review mirror.

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    im just leaving mine right next to the rvm. its still straight and has a good view of the road. if you mess with the tint it will just end bad because the rest will come off. it depends what you wana do.



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