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    Default GX-65 NO UPDATES and they dont know when

    I just got of the phone and I am steamed.

    There is still no update and they dont have any idea when one is coming out. First they told me Nov. 1. then they told me middle of the month, today they tell me maybe first of Dec or mid Dec.

    That is total BS!!! I am running around Phoenix with 25 new freeway cams and no protection. This is the same exact reason that I sold my Navalert. They kept jerking me around about the updates.

    Beltronics needs to understand that I PAID for these updates and they say its once a month on their website. I have had mine for over a month and no update in sight.

    Sorry about the rant.

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    Default Re: GX-65 NO UPDATES and they dont know when

    New product woes. Will the Escort software recognize your RD?

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    Default Re: GX-65 NO UPDATES and they dont know when

    Thats not a rant, that a legitimate issue.

    Belscort has seemingly overextended themselves. They have been doing numerous ports (Your GX65 is an example, along with the C65), and unless they are continually hiring more people... something has to give. In this case, its quality of updates to their units.

    I have said: More choices is a great thing, but all these ports are worthless, and now (as you can see) a real issue when it comes to product quality.

    I think the management ideals of Belscort are a good thing, the problem is they just suck at doing(implementing) it.

    Whats sad is Belscort could hire one of many people on here as the CEO... who would do an exponentially better job at getting the products people want, at the price they want, out to them.

    Whatever numb-skull thought the following was a good idea: 'Hmmm, I wonder if we can make an RX65 [with less features] TWICE and sell it' should be fired.

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    Default Re: GX-65 NO UPDATES and they dont know when

    Seems like thier more concerned with the 9500ix than the gx65 and thats actually why i went with the ix.



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