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    Ok. I am not calling it a save because I am not sure I was the target. Traveling north on 95 in Maryland about 20 miles south of the Delaware memorial bridge on Sunday Am at about 15 over the posted I get a nice strong Laser alert out of the 955 I eased up on the peddle and up ahead in the median was a MD state trooper. Sure enough when I went by he had the window down and I could see some sort of radar gun. My question is, once the leo picks a target, say the car in front of me will I pick up back splash which will trigger the alert? He did not pull anyone over so I could of been the target? Anyhow, I have had this unit for about 10 months and it was nice to see and hear a REAL laser alert!

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    Laser it pretty quick at locking in a speed if you don't have jammers. If you were the only one around he was probably targeting you if others were around it could have been scatter that you were picking up. 15 over always got you pulled over when I was traveling through MD years ago.
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    Most likely he was targeting you along with everyone else but not chasing. Laser is so narrow it's difficult to assume that you WEREN'T his target, if even for a moment, since you did get an alert.

    What I've noticed over the past few months in Illinois and Ohio has been quite a few LEO's targeting folks with handheld laser guns and everyone including myself have been 10-20 over the PSL with NO chasing. I've had quite a few laser alerts so I can only assume that I was intentionally targeted at some point.

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    with laser jammers the PO will know you have one because on is laser gun it will show a code and no speed?

    correct or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by franky932 View Post
    with laser jammers the PO will know you have one because on is laser gun it will show a code and no speed?

    correct or not?
    Not correct. The are only two laser guns used in North America that even have jam codes, probably 3 with the TruSpeed, but I haven't seen that manual yet. Either way, the Ultralyte and the TruSpeed will be the same as far as jam codes are concerned. The first is the Ultralyte. None of today's laser jammers trigger the "E-07" jam code, so you are safe there. The second is the Laser Atlanta, which will throw jam codes, but since it often throws jam codes for cars with no jammers installed whatsoever, this code is mostly ignored.

    Now, as for the lack of aquired speed, this is easy. Once you are targeted, the proper procedure is to slow down quickly to close enough to the PSL as to not get a citation, shut off the jammers and allow the LEO to aquire your new and improved speed. I live in a banned area and this works like a champ. I have never been stopped.



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