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    Default Escort - Top Notch Service! and new softwate???

    Have to say...

    Escort has some top notch service! 2 weeks ago, 8500 X50 began falsing on every radar band (33.1 GHz Ka alerts, etc)...

    Sent it in, and had it back in a week (broken antenna) with a new software version and works better than when I first bought it!

    Thanks Escort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, new software version (6.5?) I trust this is a programing upgrade, but what does it do for the unit?
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    Default Re: Escort - Top Notch Service! and new softwate???

    First time I've heard of 6.5..
    afaik i know escort/bel revision #s correspond to hardware changes

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    Default Re: Escort - Top Notch Service! and new softwate???

    6.5 has been mentioned a few times before here. Its probably tied to some small hardware component which Escort got a deal on, or perhaps to a component produced by another company which had the same specs as the virtually identical component produced by one of their regular suppliers. This happens all the time now in the electronics industry -- especially with components coming out of SE Asia. Companies in China come and go quicker than the change of seasons. Bel/Escort likes to keep track of this stuff simply by assigning a new firmware number so that their techs know exactly what "stuff" is in the radar detector. At least this makes it a "no brainer" for Bel/Escort service technicians whenever they have to replace any component.

    I don't even want to go into the heartache I had while trying to buy the correct replacement components for my brother's HP laptop computer! Two different display models were used during the production run, and of course two different diplay inverters were used as well. Yet there was no indication about this on the HP web site, nor was there something as simple as maybe tacking on a "A" to the laptop's model number to indicate the change in hardware.



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