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    Default BEL Vector 985 and VEIL

    :?: I have BEL Vector 985, a fairly new one, and will be applying VEIL to my vehicle as soon as it arrives. My question is, do you guys feel that my current radar unit and the VEIL are a fairly good measure at keeping my ride safe from radar/laser? I am taking a road trip from Fla to Maryland, and want to be as protected as I can without installing any other equipment right now. I was thinking of going up to the RX65 unit by BEL, but don't have time before I hit the road to purchase it. Also, how about the best mounting spot for the BEL? With the VEIL, I figure I should raise it up a bit on the windshield? Your thoughts? Thanks.

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    Roy and Valentine (in case you want to go with a valentine 1) both offer overnight shipping so that should solve the time issue. Be careful on any 4 lane roadways in NC. Be careful where the highway goes to 2 lanes too, but I see many more cops on the 4 lane parts.

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    Some people here have also shipped to a hotel that they are staying at,
    if it is too late find a target hotel that you will stay at.

    Mounting higher is best for radar.
    Mounting Lower is best for laser.
    Personally I like lower easier to see the lights (don't have to take your eyes off the road as much)
    If you are going to speed much keep a target vehicle in front of you with some distance.



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