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    Default RX75 problem.HELP HELP HELP.

    i was trying to install the bel rx75 on my mate VW golf vr6 and when i tested everything was working.after i put everything in place the rx75 doesn't work. checked the power connection 3+ time. also i forgot to use fuse and i think i plug the display to the LED there any change the unit blown?thx

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    Default Re: RX75 problem.HELP HELP HELP.

    If you didn't fuse the power wire and now your not getting any power at the brain module then yes it is possible that you blew the unit.

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    Default Re: RX75 problem.HELP HELP HELP.

    I lost you after you said you forgot the fuse. Anyhow, it sound like you are SOL and JWF.



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