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    Default Some help with the Bel Pro RX65 please...

    Hello all...
    I'm new to the forums. Based on advice from this forum and Radar Roy's site, I purchased the RX65 and used it for the first time this morning.
    The detector acted a little strange, but to make sure, I figured I will lay it out on this forum and see what you all have to say...

    The detector kept on beeping all morning (every 10-30 seconds) with a 'laser' warning...for a 45 minute drive through the city and on the highway and then 10 minutes of country roads.
    Finally, I disabled 'Laser', and the other bands alerted as my previous Cobra did... but what was up with my Laser alert?? is it possible that the detector is defective?

    I would appreciate any help you can offer me on this.

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    Is there an airport close to where you were driving??? My X50 goes crazy when around airports. Also it could be the car you are driving. Did you use your cruise control?? :shock:

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    That isn't normal. There are 3 possibilities:

    1. Something in your car is causing it. What kind of car do you have, and does it have anything fancy such as GPS, automatic cruise control, anything like that?

    2. Electrical noise is causing it. Once again, what kind of car do you have? Try the RX65 in another car if you can.

    3. The RX65 is faulty.

    One other possibility, though much more remote... did you have an Infiniti FX SUV following you for the entire trip? Some of these have laser cruise control that can cause laser falses on detectors, though that's more common with the V1, not the Bel/Escort detectors.

    Like X50 Radar Kid said, RX65s often false laser near airports, but it sounds like you were driving some ways, so if that were the case and you drove past an airport, the falses would have only occurred when near the airport.
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    If you were driving near an airport, wind shear monitors will set off the laser alert in the way you describe.

    You can download Outrun's video of this happening to the RX-65 here, it shows the tower that is causing the alerts:


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    thanks for the quick reply guys. (I posted the same question on 5 days ago, and have yet to get a reply...).
    I drive an old Lexus (91 ES250) I was not using cruise, and unless the FBI is on my tail, I dont think anyone followed me 8)
    I returned the detector and am waiting for a new to arrive... if the problem persists, I will try it in another car.
    It was very frustrating.
    Thanks again,



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