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    Default Ka alert.. Is this normal?

    I saw a statie on the median about a mile ahead and I did not get a cosntant Ka alert until I was about I was 500 feet from him. He had a CO Ka because while I was approaching and when when passed him, alerts were steady.

    Here is the detailed scenario:

    Four lane highway
    I was on the #2 lane from slow side of the lane
    Statie's radar gun was faced opposite traffic (He was shooting the cars on the opposite road)

    I'm guessing since statie was shooting at the cars on opposite side of the road to oncoming traffic signals were not strong??

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    Default Re: Ka alert.. Is this normal?

    Your right about the way the radar gun was facing.. But here is another scenario that could have gone down, he could have just turned on the radar as you got closer, or he was using a radar gun transmitting on 35.5 which would explain the short range....

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    Default Re: Ka alert.. Is this normal?

    Thats normal, since he was shooting away from you all you could pick up were the reflections coming back to you.. Now if you had flipped a u turn after passing him you would of had a good range alert.

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    Default Re: Ka alert.. Is this normal?

    I have found that the Ka guns have what is called good "front/back" ratio. This means that there is a lot less rf energy being seen off of the back of the radar antenna. I have seen the same thing. What really screws you up is when the LEO has a rear facing antenna!!!!



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