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    Default slight distortion - K band, RX65

    Hey guys.

    Just a quick question. I have been noticing over the past couple of days.........the speaker in my RX65 seems to distort a little on K band alerts. All other alerts sound fine and it is still detecting fine but I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this on the low freq. "brap" sound of K-band alerts on this detector? usual

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    I too have noticed this on my RX65. I kinda thought that it was just me, but there is some distortion on K band. I dont use automute while driving to work so I definitely notice distortion on K band when the RX65 is blarring away after detecting a speed sign or any other source for a extenced amout of time. I wonder is this going to get worse or should I send it in? Everything else works fine.



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