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    Default RX65 Florida/Miami Experience - from UK

    I visited Miami earlier this year and took my RX65 for a ride. My experience showed that this detector was great in detecting radar guns using the KA band and provided good range of detection. This was the majority band utilised during my travels. Furthermore, this band was heavily utilized by the FHP. I did notice a lot of false X band alerts which were slightly minimized by using the CITY LO X mode.

    The settings of the RX65 were set using the oneís recommended on this board. However, I was disappointed by the number of false positive on the LASER alerts. This was extremely annoying when I was driving past Miami airport on the Dolphin expressway (I think). I have used by detector in UK and drive near airports without the false LASER reports. It must be something at the US airports which is causing problems

    Overall, a good choice

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    Welcome to the board!

    From the subject of your post, I thought maybe you were picking up some radar from Miami - while you were in the UK... I was thinking man, that is some awesome reaction time!



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