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    Default anyone else think the sti-r goess off with too much force?

    Anyone else think that the alerts of the sti-r go off at too much force? Half the time, they scare me. It's not like the come on with a beep.............and then a beep........and then a beep then quicker beeps. It seems like it comes on like beep-beep-beep- like there's a cop RIGHT THERE.

    On my old 975r, it would start with a series of slow beeps, then the beeps would get closer together the closer you get to the target. I feel like with the sti-r, it's either ON or OFF. I can never tell how close i am to the source of the radar...

    anyone else feel the same? I mean, the range is good, it just comes on with too much force.

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    Default Re: anyone else think the sti-r goess off with too much force?

    There now is a new firmware for the STi-R which fixes the audio ramp-up and which gives the STi-R a proper audio ramp-up and ramp-down beep rates. You have to send in your STi-R's interface module and its antenna in order to have these components flashed with the new firmware. Recall that that the antenna has an inline connector which is located approximately 5 feet back along the cord from the antenna. Yeah, its a bit of a pain to remove the antenna since it has to be sent in for upgrading with the new firmware code, but it is worth it.



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